Settling in

We have all moved in, some boxes still unsorted and full, but basically all in. It a big place, sometimes I think too big, then people arrive and spread out and it don't seem on top of each other, so maybe its not. Maybe I've been too used to shoe boxes.

We got our old (land line) phone number back, after several weeks of fighting with Telstra via Optus (via cable not copper). I should cancel my old Mobile number, as I realise I haven't switched it on in about 6 months - I've been using the work one (iPhone) for close to two years now.

We still don't have the data cabling sorted, we can only assume its in the walls (because we asked - several times - and they eventually said its done), just a hassle for connectivity until it is done.

The double glazing isn't as good as it should be, and thinking we should have got the central air, we were hoping the double glazing would be enough for all but the worse of summer, but it won't be.

As for ready by Christmas
- the paving won't be finished, the fence will be temporary, the hedge won't be planted
- but we got a large new fridge in time for the Christmas hoards expected
- cutlery/crockery and beds now seem sorted, despite the numbers projected (20ish - with most staying)
- presents and food seems well in hand

Still a list of things to do, but moving through it, rather than overwhelmed by it.

Roleplayer Support: Dream Job or Commercial Op?

Dream job? Will the Syd role playing community already be aware?


RFSOP018-HQ10 - Roleplayer Support to DIntTC & DPTC
The Headquarters Forces Command - Army has a requirement for the commercial provision of Role Player Support services to be conducted primarily at Defence Intelligence Training Centre (DIntTC), and Defence Police Training Centre (DPTC) and from time to time in other FORCOMD Establishments. The commercial provider is to provide suitably competent role players to perform in training sessions predominantly in the Sydney and South East Queensland areas.
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Worm blasted out man's eye with lasers

Worm blasted out man's eye with lasers

I was like OMG ... a worm with fricken' Laser beams ... hard core


Reality wasn't as good as the misread, but it did contain the gem ... "said he either picked up the parasite on vacation in Mexico or it could have been a raccoon roundworm he caught while turkey hunting."
Wow ... what goes on whilst on a hunting trip is meant to stay on the hunting trip.

Box Hill Hospital

I don't like hospitals, I guess most people don't to some degree, this trip though wasn't so bad.

So I got my first ride in an Ambulance (that I can remember), with a trip holding Tristan.
He fell from the trampoline, through the unsecured safety net (most likely after a fight with Tasha),
to land head first on the concrete.

He was dizzy, blurred vision and quite drowsy. Hence the call to the ambulance.

He was under observation for about 3 hours at the hospital, by which stage he had a bit of a nap, and was then right as rain and back to his normal self, with a large graze/bump near his temple. I would suggest mild concussion/mild shock, but then I'm not the doctor, who by the way has just checked him out and said "you're free to go".

So all fine, eventually.

Pancakes - Recipe

Having recently shared Miss Rynn's GingerBread cookie recipe after successfully using it for a work function ... I thought I'd write down the family recipe for fluffy pancakes to promote better pancakes in the Canadian style. 

It's a mutable recipe based on the number of people you're feeding.  My family tends to gorge themselves on pancakes if given the option, so you may find the quantities excessive for those less practiced in munching through a large plate.

This base amount feeds about 4-6, depending on how much everyone eats (see above).

Its a very forgiving recipe, made by habit not measuring cup though I have added approximate [measures] for those that are comforted by them ...

Half fill a medium/large mixing bowl with Self Raising flour.  [~3 cups]
Make a dent in the centre to place the other ingredients.
Add a handful or so of sugar (I have used raw, white and brown to similar effect) [~1/2 cup]
Add a pinch of salt (Mum adds this so I do, I'm not really sure why)
2-3 eggs (depending on size of eggs and bowl used)
Briefly mix ingredients, add milk (gradually mixing/adding/mixing) until batter consistency, I tend towards a thick batter at this stage. [~2 to 3 cups]
Mix vigorously, smoothing out lumps etc.

Let stand for 30min - 1 hour, (if insects or children present, cover bowl with a tea towel). 
This allows the mixture to aerate, and you should see bubbles in the mixture when you return.

Stir to check consistency, adding a little milk if necessary (which will need to be mixed in).  Consistency should be pourable, without being runny~  I would say a medium batter.    If batter is too firm, it tends to stay with the ladel when cooking and the end result is less fluffy. Likewise if the batter is too runny, it doesn't stay as aerated and the end result is less fluffy.  This is more art than science, much as the cooking, practice being the solution.

Cooking in frypan ~ medium heat, this may need to be adjusted through the cooking cycle, especially if cooking with electric.
Add butter to pan.
Ladel/large spoon/pour three large pancakes to a large frypan.  Bubbles should rise as the first side is done,  thise should take say 30 seconds ~ 1 min to cook, flip pancakes the second side about half as much, watch to avoid burning. Remove to a warm plate once second side is done.
If the pan is too hot, the pancakes will burn/not cook through.  If the pan is not hot enough, they  will not be as fluffy (and take forever long to cook).  See note re: practice. :)
Repeat till all batter is cooked, adding butter to pan every two sets.  You may "destroy" the occasional pancake, when flipping doesn't go as planned, this happens, don't get upset, they are still edible.

Serve with butter, jam, maple syrup, sugar/lemon juice on a pancake by pancake basis, as desired.

For fruit pancakes ... you can cook with various berries,  by adding small or sliced berries [~ 1 1/2 cups] to the mixture after making initial batter.

Otherwise you can always serve the fruit outside the pancakes with cream/ice cream instead or with the various toppings listed above.

Enjoy with company ...

Pancakes are a occasional food, best eaten in moderation ... yeah right, who am I kidding, they are yummy and if less fiddly I'd cook them more often ...
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Job description of a junior BA or ...

  • Can understand another point of view
  • Has a longer attention span
  • Begins to sort and classify
  • Notices details
  • Thinks more about problems
  • Interested in experimenting
  • Always asking "WHY?"
  • Understands complex sentences
  • Has a basic understanding of time
  • Likes books

Goths ... and Redmatch?

Not sure how many people read the mainstream papers online ...

So I thought to post this ... Melbourne Goth - as a Fashion Tribe ... http://www.theage.com.au/flash/fashiontribes

I admit to not really being to far into Goth when I was going to clubs in my white T shirts and jeans :) but I thought I could at least recognise a few faces to I looked through.

I think that's a dead ringer for redmatch, in fact I think it is her, late in the photo album.  I just thought I'd mention it.
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